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How we help you sell Life Is Grruff products in your own store 


We not only sell our products wholesale, but as you may have read, we've been selling them in our own retail store for years.

As a reseller, we provide you lots of sales support, including some sharing tips and tricks that we've picked up over the years to maximize sales.


We also provide all sorts of ready-to-print point-of-sale materials and talking points to ensure your customers understand just how exceptional our Life Is Grruff products really are.

Reasons to Sell 
Life is Grruff

  1. Hand-Made

  2. We use only Human Grade Ingredients

  3. All Natural

  4. No Preservatives

  5. Baked in Small Batches

  6. Made in the USA

  7. Unique, Earth Friendly Packaging

  8. Wheat & Gluten Free Options

  9. Low in Fat & No Added Sugars 

  10. Do-Gooders - Frequently Donate and Raise Money for Pet Organizations in Need


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