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Our Story

It all began with dog who had a food allergy


Back in 1994, Life Is Gruff's founder-to-be, Kim Loper, had a dog that suddenly developed a food allergy.


In an effort to improve her pet's health, she began baking dog treats using only high-quality, human-grade, natural ingredients.


Kim experimented with a number of recipies until she hit on one that her dogs loved, even the one with allergies.


Her dogs loved them and she began giving them to friends and family for their dogs.


Eventually she began selling her dog treats at farmer's markets under the brand "Life Is Grruff" and word began to spread about her healthy, gourmet treats, her dog treats became her lifelong passion, enabling families that love to give healthy treats to their dogs but lack the time to make them.

Markets and stores throughout Long Island began carrying the baked goods, which by then she had expanded to eleven flavors. Eventually she added a wheat-free line.

Then one day in 2014, when delivering her goods to a local pet supply store in the popular tourist town of Greenport on the North Fork of Long Island, New York, the owner mentioned the store was for sale.


She bought it and was able to increase the size of her bakery at the same time. The pet supply store and bakery is now the "Life Is Grruff" headquarters.

It has become somewhat of a tourist destination, with visitors coming from all over to buy her baked goods as well as 

just about anything you'd need for your cat or dog--food, treats, collars, leashes, coats, supplements, plus grooming.

A few years ago, Kim connected with the popular Greenport Harbor Brewing Company and launced a new line of treats called Grrowlers Dog Bones that incorporated the spent grains from their brewing process.

Kim's gourmet baked goods are now available in many pet supply stores throughout the US as well as a popular item in general stores, craft beweries, restarurants, and other shops whose customers love dogs.

But they're still baked every day by hand in small batches in Greenport

If you're interested in carrying the LIfeIsGruff products in your establishment, fill out our short wholesale application and let's talk! If you want, we'll even send you a free sample for your canine for a taste test.

Reasons to Buy

Life is Grruff

  1. Hand-Made

  2. We use only Human Grade Ingredients

  3. All Natural

  4. No Preservatives

  5. Baked in Small Batches

  6. Made in the USA

  7. Unique, Earth Friendly Packaging

  8. Wheat & Gluten Free Options

  9. Low in Fat & No Added Sugars 

  10. Do-Gooders - Frequently Donate and Raise Money for Pet Organizations in Need


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